Our Story

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The name "Borwa" originates from the Cumming family farm situated just north west of Outjo, Namibia, in the Mopani savannah veld, an ideal setting for cattle farming. The farm has been owned by the family for two generations now, and hopefully for many more.


Our central goal is to create a sustainable and self-reinforcing (anti-fragile) business operation maximising value by making full use of the value chain. At the same time we aim to provide local employment and address some of the social deficits so pervasive in rural Namibia.


Breeding and growing cattle, slaughtering at the abattoir and producing the biltong, droewors, chillibites etc in the butchery all takes place on the farm. By doing it this way, we can guarantee that our biltong products are consistently of the highest quality for you to enjoy. Magdalena preparing chillibites


The Borwa Biltong bricks and mortar shop in Maerua Mall and our online store is the final link in the chain, and the culmination of many hours of hard work and dedication.


We hope that you enjoy our biltong as much as we do, and please pop in to the shop to greet the staff while getting your favourite snack, or order online from the comfort of your home or office.


Dare we say that our biltong is the best in the land.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


God bless


James & Roelene Cumming